Niles Series

Niles Series  

The traditional charm of the Niles Series Solar Lighting Solution comes not only from its classical and sophisticated design but also from its name. Representing the small community in Niles District in Fremont, California, the Niles series was designed to signify the history and past treasures of our local community. Niles was the studio location for one of the pioneering film production companies in the west, Essanay Film Manufacturing, run by Gilbert "Broncho Billy" Anderson. The Essanay Company in Niles is famously known for producing numerous silent films acted by Charlie Chaplin and many others from that nostalgic era.
Using an elegant design the fixtures in this series portrays a modern technology encased in a vintage fixture. With a design of old-school charm, the Niles series consist of three separate models that are built with longevity in mind.

The Niles Series is ideal for:

" Gate/Fence
" Garden
" Park
" Trail
" Path / Walkway
" Private road
" Dock
" Landscape
" School
" Animal sanctuary
" Pool

Additionally, Sunmia Solar Lights come with an optional 12'-14' aluminum pole (vandalism proof)

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