Tahoe Series

Tahoe Series



Sir Walter Scott quoted "Nothing is more the child of art than a garden". And using lighting to turn your outdoor space into a room of itself is like painting a masterpiece.When you plan to achieve such a purpose, why not begin with solar lights? Bring out the contemporary look in your space using Sunmia's unique Tahoe Series Solar Lighting Solutions. The Tahoe series represents buoyancy and distinctiveness in its design and application while giving you the reliability Sunmia Solar Lights promise. The aesthetics of the four Tahoe models are second to none in the world of solar lighting.

The Tahoe Series is ideal for:

" Landscape
" Path / Walkway
" Park
" Trail
" Garden
" Private road
" Dock
" Gate / Fence
" School
" Animal sanctuary
" Pool

Additionally, Sunmia Solar Lights come with an optional 12'-14' aluminum pole (vandalism proof)

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