Solar Lightings

Sunmia solar lamps are self-contained, completely independent from grid sources, and only use the sun's energy to sustain itself throughout its entire life. Our solar lamps generate and store their own power during the day, and then use the stored power to light up during the night! Sunmia solar lamps are amazingly easy to install and use. Just remove the lamp from the box, screw in the LED bulb, and set the lamp on a sun-filled spot. You will immediately begin gathering solar power! These lamps are made to help:

  • illuminate pools, walkways, and steps for safer pathways
  • spread soft warm light onto decks, patios, benches, and gazebos
  • decorate gardens and flower beds
  • draw attention to trees, fountains, and house numbers

AC LED Bulbs

All of Sunmia's bulbs are designed around a patented constant current core technology. Our AC Led bulbs have 30,000 hours of life for extra-long and reliable use. Additionally, you change bulbs less frequently and it is ideal for hard to reach places. LED bulbs are a type of solid state light source that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. They comprise of clusters of LEDs in a lamp housing that comes in different shapes and sizes. They include standard light bulb shapes with an E26/E27 screw base, MR16 shapes with a two-pin base, small E14 screw bases, and GU10 types with a bayonet socket. There is also a variety of Wattage for the various bulbs which include 1W, 2.5W, 4.5W and 6W.

LED Spotlights
Sunmia spotlights are perfect for hard to reach places since they have an average lifespan of 30,000 hours. With such a long lifespan, the need to change any spotlight is rare if at all necessary.

Sunmia's PAR lamps are direct replacements for all recessed, track light, floor lamps and any light fixtures that use PAR lamps. Replace your hot PAR 30 halogen lamps with Sunmia's LED PAR lamps. As a superior enhancement to our lamps, the LED board and constant current driver circuit are on separate circuit boards to increase the life and reliability of our lamp.

All of Sunmia's bulbs are designed around a patented constant current core technology. Our 12VDC low voltage bulbs use a low voltage constant current driver that will enable our bulbs to last twice as long as other 12VDC LED lamps on the market. Sunmia DC bulbs are prefect for low voltage applications such as solar lighting systems which use batteries as storage. LEDs are fundamentally compatible with solar energy because on a very conceptual basis, an LED is the inverse of a solar cell. A solar cell is a semi-conductor device that converts light to electricity, while an LED is a semi-conductor device that converts electricity to light. Like solar cells, LEDs offer solid state reliability lasting at least a decade, if not longer, LED's efficiency and lifespan improve under colder condition when the system needs it the most. Sunmia DC LED bulbs come in a variety of input voltages for the various bulbs ranging from 10VDC to 25VDC
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